Mobile Telephones
There is now a GSM Network in Myanmar which many international telephone providers can now access.  Your mobile telephone provider will will be able to provide you with the necessary information on how to use your phone when travelling in Myanmar. The cost of having access to use your phone in Myanmar may vary widely from provider to provider and we recommend that you shop around.

Note: Satellite Telephones are strictly prohibited in Myanmar.

Telephone and Fax Services
Telephones and Fax Machines with international access are available in most of the hotels in Yangon and Manadalay. You should be aware that the charges for the use of these services can be very expensive.

To dial out from Myanmar use the following example; 00 – (country code) – (area code) – (local number)

To dial in to Yangon use the following example; (IDD code) – 95 – 1 – (local number)
To dial in to Mandalay use the following example; (IDD code) – 95 – 2 – (local number)

Internet and Email
There are a number of internet cafes located in Yangon where you can access the internet and your emails.