Casual and light clothing is recommended, preferably made of natural fibres. This will be suitable all year round, but an umbrella and raincoat may be required during the rainy season (May to September).

Smart casual clothes are highly recommended for evening banquets and shows.

You will also find that a sweater or jacket may be useful in hill areas, particularly during winter months, when evenings can be quite cool.

A windproof jacket is essential when touring Inle Lake any time from November to February.

Visiting Temples
Visitors are required to dress respectfully within the precincts of religious buildings.

Shoes and socks/stockings must always be removed before entering pagodas and/or monasteries. Wearing slip-on shoes or sandals rather than socks and shoes is a much easier option when visiting religious sites.

Ladies should not wear shorts or bra-less T-shirts. Shoulders and knees should be covered.

Disregarding  these requirements causes serious cultural and religious offence to the devout Myanmar people.

Laundry Service
Most hotels have laundry services, which are usually carried out overnight.